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I just finished watching the HBO Series John Adams.  I figured it would be good to learn about the birth of the country.  It was much different seeing the hardships, although not 100% accurate of course, that the founding fathers went through to build this country. Every student of United States History should be required to watch Episode Two, at the very least, to see how hard our founding fathers fought for freedom from an oppressive government. The struggles they endured for their, and now our, freedom, should humble us all.

As I’m always interested in my own roots, especially my Adams family line, and eventually found that they lead to the Presidents and of course his cousin Samuel. Go back a bit farther and my direct Adams ancestors came over on the ship “Fortune” in 1621, that got here just a couple weeks after the first “Thanksgiving”.

It’s nice to think that, “Hey, my ancestors helped create this country, and in good times and bad, no matter what party holds the presidency, I am proud of that fact.”


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